Meet Roxy & Leo


Miss Fix It's Irish Terrier companions, Roxy and Leo, love to go to work with her. If you're a Dog Lover who welcomes Roxy and Leo into your home and garden, while Diane works on your project, you'll get a 10% discount, subject to Roxy and Leo's approval.


Here's how it works. Ask Diane, Roxy and Leo to meet with you about your project. If you decide to work together and Diane saves the cost of Doggy Day Care, while making your house a happier home, you'll get a 10% discount. 


The small print: Roxy and Leo need to feel like your lovely home and garden is their home and garden. If you have pets and children, everyone needs to feel 100% comfortable with this arrangement. Roxy and Leo get on great with everyone. They have worked with Diane since they were wee pups, so they're used to acclimating to different environments.